Dark Secrets
2002-07-10 17:36:16 (UTC)


i woke up six this morning, took a bus to the train
station, just to get " streats", no more in there, went
onto the train, looking out for streats like a spy...wanted
to read my bk, the little prince, but didnt even manage to
bring out my book, i just kept staring at pple with
streats, hoping i can get it from them as soon as they've

i was rejected while asking one lady for her streats, she
said she needs to bring it to her office, too embarassed, i
walk further and realise that piles of streats were there,
i felt like a fool.

i finally wrote the email to my mum, abt my trip to hk. I
tried my best, and i realised that im just like writing an
essay, stating facts and reasoning giving assurances.. I
hope it's going to work, i blessed it with love before i
send it out closing my eyes.. I finally did it after
waiting for 2 and a half wk just to tell her this. It was
hard. I hope i didnt regret sending her that mail. i noe
it's gonna be hard, but im just going to try....

he was pretty loving tonite...i did my own research opinion
of streats, need it tmr for my crit.
too tired to continue