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2001-01-07 05:33:23 (UTC)

well tonight i sit here in..

well tonight i sit here in wonder. well last night my two
friends had a fight .see they are gojng out and everything.
but this time they were threatning to kill themselfs. which
kinda makes me feel like shit because it made me feel like
everything i have told them went strait through them. there
should not be anyt reason why they should kill thme selfs i
mean i have always told them i am here always. but
sometimes i dont know if that is enough. they scared me
last night they really . cause sometimes i wonder if what
if oneday when they say they will the actually do it. i
told them if they ever did that i would slit my wrists and
go to hell and kick there ass. if they ever did something
like to me and imean it..................

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