mindless ramblings
2002-07-10 15:16:38 (UTC)

im a newbie

yup. yet another teenage girl added on to the long list of
diary holders. for anyone who cares to know, my name is
sare, im 14, im 5'10, i wiegh 140 pounds, and im not so low
and ashamed that i would lie about my wieght. besides,
most of it is muscle from track/conditioning from track.
im a pretty contrasting person. im a punk you could say,
all my friends are guys that are punks, except i do have
one friend who's a girl, she's a punk to. so the god's of
freshman year labled me as a punk. etc etc. i dont really
think im interesting. but i dont have anyone to talk to
really, so i made this. well, email me if you take some
sort of interest in me. im bored. bye.

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