Young Passage
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2001-06-28 23:46:15 (UTC)

Young Passage

Young Passage
by Jackie Location: Journey
Age: 13 Sex : F

10:41 P.M. 6/27/2001


My eyes are sleepy, replete with old tears from the
previous activity I was involved with -- screening a
movie "Save The Last Dance." My body telling me to hurry
into bed so I can wake up tomorrow for practice. A practice
that gets everyone involved, something I feel mandatory,
though its not.

.:Diary Project:.

Last year I was associated with DP, similar to this site,
loading with entries or problems. People wanted to read
them to make themselves feel better covering up their own
problems - much like reality shows. Comments blister and
scorn at some entries, laughing at serious problems. People
only seeking for a climax, getting involved in those harsh
comments of the people only making it worse. The harassers
laughing it off, yet hurt inside of their own life. Torn
dreams, life and death, questions of love; beautiful. Real.

.:Peculiar:.*ABC ORDER!

Annie -
(Character initializes "bff")
Jason didn't say he loved or, well like her....not exactly
love formation - yet

Dustin -
(Character initializes "special guy's cousin AKA Satan")
Hmmm, got mad at me cause i told Jon what he said...learned
a lot about him today

Heather -
(Character initializes "friend")
Loves Mrs. Green still (how can you be obsessed with a
teacher)? Dresses, acts, talks like her..i rather have her
though..then lets say perhaps me

Jon -
(Character initializes "special guy")
Hmmmm...Travis ditched him in roller blading, um, we had a
fight over Dustin, and his grandma changed his AOL
settings - lol