worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-07-10 07:22:11 (UTC)

Fun fun fun

Whenever i do chores around the house i must have an
unlubed chopstick shoved up my ass and/or a toothbrush in
my pussy. Walking or crawling around while the toothbrush
is rubbing my insides raw keeps me uncomfortable and
aroused; and after a long period of time it is agony to
remove. Master had be buy some new clothespins and clamps
for my tits, more painful than the previous ones. He had
me wear a hanger clamped to my nipples. He laid various
ojects (all heavy) on the floor and had me walk to each
one, use the hook on the hanger (on my tits) to pick each
item up and bring it back to him. About half the items
were small enough that i had to crawl with them hanging
from my nipples. With the larger ones i could walk but had
to swing the object around as i walked. Master said we
will play this new game of "fetch" frequently.

We had a new bondage session. He tied a rope tighty across
the middle of the room, it was about as thick as a finger
and five feet off the ground. i stood straddling it on a
table, at first. He tied my hands above my head, leaving
some slack. He slowly removed the stood and had me putting
all my weight on the rope as it cut sharply into my pussy
and ass. He pulled my arms up higher so they took some of
the weight off my pussy/ass, but not all. He tied each of
my ankles off to opposite sides of the room, stretching me
tight and pulling me down even harder than before. Even
with my weight distributed between my wrists and my pussy,
i was in agony. The thin rope dug into my ass and cunt and
my arms were aching. Master laughed and said if i wasn't
such a fat cow it wouldn't hurt so much. He attached
clamps to each of my pussy lips that were straddling the
rope and hung more weight from them. My lips hung down low
looking disformed and the ache in my wrists and lower
regions was unbearable. But there i hung for an hour.

During another session he had me suspended upside down. He
hung weights from my tits like this. It was a new type of
pain to have my tits streched in a direction i normally
consider to be up. It was very painful and fresh. He put
lit candles in my pussy and ass, the hot wax dripped onto
my sensative areas burning me but doing no damage. As the
candles burned lower, i was protected from the really hot
wax by the layer of wax that had already cooled on my
body. The heat was still intense, i begged my Master to
blow the candles out. Finally he said he would comply if i
accepted an un-named consequence. Foolishly, i agreed. As
a consequence Master removed the used candles, scraped off
the dried wax, and inserted two new fresh candles and
repeated the torture.

Master likes me to participate in my torments as much as
possible. If he is inserting something very large into my
ass he makes me hold my ass cheeks spread open for him. If
he is using an electric wand to shock my nipples, he has me
push my nipples into the wand instead of him moving it to
me. When i scream and move away he either laughs at my
misery or gets disappointed and angry; either way he waits
for me to recover and orders me to do it again. The fear
of the pain i help to inflict upon myself is wonderful. He
doesn't write the degrading words on my naked body, he
stands nearby watching and directing me to do it.

Master made spegetti with meat sauce for dinner. He dumped
mine on the kitchen floor, tied my hands behind my back,
put me on my knees, and blindfolded me. i was ordered to
eat/lick up every drop. Not being able to see when every
drop was gone, i had to guess when i was done. Master
untied my arms and told me to remove the blindfold. When i
removed the blindfold and saw the mess remaining on the
floor, i had to put on my most painful nipple clamps, hold
my arms behind my back, and finish the job. Master kicked
me in the butt periodically telling me what a pick i was
and ordering me to squeal and oink. He does that to me
during my daily exercises too. While naked and doing
situps, Master orders me to make sounds like a pig or cow.
i write "pig" and "cow" on each of my thighs before i begin
my exercise routine. Master calls this motivation.

While working from his office at home, Master ties me under
his large oak desk. i am tied with my hands on my head,
squatting with my knees wide apart, naked. i was there
while he met with several important clients. Making any
sound was not an option. But as i was tied under the desk
Master still found ways to torture me, trusting that i
could keep my mouth shut. He slowly dug his shoe into my
pussy, rubbing it around and pushing in slowly and deeply.
It was almost enough to make me orgasm. He hung a chain
between my nipple clamps and would step lightly on it
stretching my tits painfully. He had a pump attached to
the inflatable dildo in my ass and would occassionally step
on the pump and expand the didlo. At one point under his
desk he heard me moan softly, luckly his client did not.
But Master was still furious. After the meeting, Master
put a condom on the doorknob to his office-closet and
coated it with soap. He put me on my knees with my mouth
around the soapy doorknob. It was at a height were i could
neigher rest my ass on my feet or kneel up straight. There
i stayed for the remainder of Master's meetings that day.

Master had me competing with another female sub recently.
He had me finger her clit and her mine to see which one of
us could get the other to orgasm first. I came first and
lost the competition. As a penalty, the other sub got to
take her time masturbating with my favorite vibrator while
i received a hairbrush spaking from Master for the
duration. Next we competed to see which one of us could
come first while masturbating ourselves with one hand hand
pinching the other one's nipples with the other. She came
first this time and i was not allowed to orgasm at all. As
penalty this time she got to ram a massive dildo up my
pussy after lubing it with BenGay. i had to leave the
burning dildo in during the next competition. We each had
a TENS unit attached to our nipples. We couldn't see the
other one and had to turn the voltage up as high as we
could stand. The one who turned it up the most and shocked
their tits at the highest level won. She beat me by a slim
margin. i received another penalty, which was receiving a
full 15 minutes of nipple shocks from the other sub at the
level she shocked herself on. i was begging her to stop
and she humiliated me by calling me a pathetic wimpy little
girl. Master further rewarded her for winning all the
competitions by letting her create another penalty to
inflich on me. The sadist had me stand bent over forward
and stick both my middle fingers up my ass (going inbetween
my legs). She put a horse-bit gag on me so i would drool
the whole time. She hung some weights on my nipple
clamps. And in this humiliating position she took the
flogger to my ass and back. Master tooks pictures of me
bent over finger fucking my ass while being whipped and
gave them to my tormentor as a gift. He has since made me
assume this position for other punishments, or just to
laugh at me and remind me what a dirty whore i am.

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