This is Growing Up.
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2001-06-28 23:44:28 (UTC)

"Probably the most hardest..

"Probably the most hardest thing to say in 25 words or less
is good-bye."

Yesterday, I've finally had time to sit down and watch the
telly. I watched an amazing episode of 'Sex in the City'
one of the most esteemed television series among my
friends, whom also watched the shows so many times they
practically memorize them. Since I haven't had the time of
day to even sit down and watch the back to back episodes or
home around 9 o'clock on Sundays, I decided that finally I
was going to drop everything, from calls to homework, to
just sit down and relax. It's good for the soul. I
finally caught an episode of 'Sex in the City.' I have to
say it is a great show. Not only does it talk about 4
middle aged women living in NY, but it also targets some of
the problems that women face in their love life today. And
you notice.... it's always about a stupid boy. The episode
they talked about was about 'ghosts' not any ghosts but
memories of your boyfriends or girlfriends. Those memories
that haunt you forever. I'm sure everyone has a memory of
one important person in their life. I have many...many
ghosts. Maybe 'Samantha' is right... we should just
confront the ghost, acknowledge that it's there, and then
release it. I should start doing that. With every memory,
all the bad ones anyway.
I wish it would rain. That's what people need today. Is
to walk barefoot at the park, to dance in the rain, to just
enjoy all those fruitful things in life. I think a
depressed person needs to do that, or a busy person. While
a business person is walking in the park to his work. He
needs to take off his shoes and walk barefoot. It feels
soo free and good! I know, I've done it once. Life is
getting older. Shorter. Going to fast. I'm already a
Junior and I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it. I hope I
do. I just hope soooooo much. I'm so scared. My hands
are practically shaking from the future. But, just like
Incubus says.. Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, with
open arms and open eyes...

Future............ I am ready...........