My so called life...
2002-07-10 07:04:38 (UTC)

A thousand good nights.....

Mood: Content to Blah
Reading: National Geographic's (I love this magazine)
Listening to: Sarah MacLachlan (Song for a Winter's Night)

I was reading some other people's entries today. Something I
rarely if ever do. It amazes me how someone thousands of
miles away can read the thoughts I think, silently in my
room. To read my most intimate thoughts and to read those of
others. Well if you're out there reading this, hope you're
having a wonderful night.

I realized why I haven't dated in a while. Its been almost 3
years since I've had a regular girl friend. I realized it
was because I just didn't like myself. I didn't like who I
was. How do you offer yourself to someone you really really
like, if you don't like yourself. Its like giving someone
you really care about, rotten fruit or poisonous flowers.
How could I give myself to someone, knowing I was flawed?

Over the past few weeks, I think I've realized that I'm
doing alright. The only thing I was really concerned about
was my career. You see, I don't really have one. I have a
job but that only pays the bills. I want a career. Something
I can wake up and want to goto. If you've seen the movie
"Office Space" you understand my life. I live in a cubical
and a half cubical at that. My job is to simply make the
rich richer and by only pennies at that. I think I'll need
to search for something new. I just need to get rid of some
of this debt.

Well anyways, I better go to bed or else I'll fall asleep in
my cubical and we can't have that now. The rich bastards
need their pennies!!!!

For all of you still awake, a word of advice - chose a
career that will fulfill you both spiritually and fiscally
or at least be filthy rich. If you can't buy happiness and
love, at least you can purchase comfort.

A thousand Good Nights to you all.

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