Looking for Sean
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2001-06-28 23:41:27 (UTC)

be kind, its my first day

And now, after thinking about everything I wanted to say in
this diary entry, I just don't know what to write.

Hmmmmmmmmm... Well I know it seems kinda sad and pathetic
that I am still looking for Sean. I never even got to know
him really. I don't know. I think as much as I hate to
admit it I'm a bit of a romatic and he was so very sweet
and absolutely gorgeous...(choke gag choke - I can't
believe how soapy this is all sounding!) Anyway...

I guess if I am going to bear my soul to the internet I had
better introduce myself a bit ... (oh no here she goes)

I am girl.23 and I am a hoplessly lost individual (and a
bit of a loser, but I guess thats ok). I love art, music
and just hanging out with friends and I am a libra/scorpio
(aka schizophrenic! no not really although sometimes I
wonder...) I am pretty quiet and shy (which I am working
on) and I study fine arts and science (ie have no idea what
I'm going to do with my life). I am also most definitely a
cat person, a sweet tooth, and a glass usually half full
kinda kid. My default song at the moment (a song which for
no reason will automatically start singing itself in my
head if nothing else is going on in there) is 'Shining
Light' by Ash. I love laughing, randomness, and cherry ripe
bars, I don't really like cheese or coco-pops, I have some
issues and I am always changing my mind.

WELL, anyways I had best be going now. If you are still
reading I guess I haven't sent you into a brain dead
coma ... YET but I had better cease invading your mind with
my random ramblings all the same.

Say hi to the beautiful people for me.