Second Star To The Right...
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2002-07-10 05:43:03 (UTC)


Hey there! Well... today was interesting. Actually, not
really. I went with my friend and her boyfriend to see MIB
2. Uh, that movie was "decent" I suppose. The guy I liked
couldn't make it. I was/am happy he didn't. I can't like
him. I just really really don't want to. I think if I see
him, I'll start liking him again and that's a no no!
Anyways, yea.. that was pretty much my day. I woke up at 2
PM, took a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and went
to my friends house for like 2 hours, then went to the
movies. Nothing much really. Pretty boring day. It was SO
HOT today though. JEBUS CHRIST! It was like 80 or 90
degrees in the shade at my house! It felt like I was
melting. Thank god they created deodorent! hmmmm... I don't
know what else to say at this moment. Maybe I'll become
active tonight/early tomorrow morning again, like last
time, and have an inspiration to write lots. Well...

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