There's no easy way out
2002-07-10 04:51:17 (UTC)

Welcome to my diary!

Hello let me say a few things about myself!

my name is Mandi, I am 16, sometimes 21... depending where
im at! lol

Anyway I will tell you a few ppl that I usually will most
likely be talking about!

Tyler- one of my best friends ever since I came out of my

Misty- Tylers ex gf, who is still obsessed with him!!! shhh
I didn't say that!

Adam- a friend of mine from school, whom I used to be in
love with.. but hes um.. not straight to put it that way.
but I still love him more friend like now.

TC- another awesome friend of mine, we fight quite often..

Alex- my bf, well soon we will be together. but he's really
far away and I just wish I could be with him right now.

I'll catch ya later!!

Every entry I'll end with one of my fav quotes..

~*~ stop talking I'm out of asprin ~*~