sheesh ya fuck
2002-07-10 04:45:21 (UTC)

WORds have gone too long..

WORds have gone too long unspoken.
i always am wrong
point your finger at me
and i dig it into my chest
im tired as well
i tell evreyone but they never listened
they feel the same
emotions hit me
all tthe sudden im on a reckless train to nowheere.
falling off and cutting open my palms
looking inside for whatt i needed
all i came to find was hollowness
they didnt seem to think it was bad
i wish i really had the chance to stretch tthis summer
responsibility makes my bones ache
its hard to grow without space..i need a vacation
i screamed last night and brakes slammed and the car
swirves in the late hours of night
i did want to go home curl up inside where im safe that
place where i feel it softer since the softer things had
betrayed me as i recoiled soo far reflexes on
guard i need a va ca tion i need that.