Pure Belligerence
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2001-06-28 22:56:20 (UTC)

*My song!*

Heres the song i thought us last night, well, acctually it
was 3 this morning.... when i couldnt sleep. I dont have a
title as of yet... but i think i'll call it new milford
sucks, in honor of my web site.

(To be sung to that song..... ya know... the song that goes
oh gimme a home where the buffalo roam.... it was just so
appropriate at the time....)

Oh give me a home
where the cows never roam
and the pickup trucks stay far away
where theres more to do
than light up a few
and lie about where you got laid

home home in new milford
where townies hang on the green
and you never know
when the railroad street hoes
will give it to you for a fee.

and thats all i have as of now, i'll update it when and if i
come up with another verse.

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