enigmatic contemplation
2002-07-10 04:07:03 (UTC)


Im SO tired.. i have to go to bed after this entry...

Tomas has replied to me with much class and perfect
flattery. Im trying not to put myself in my "seductive"
mode... but.. i've already offered mistressness... You know
me! ... what else can i say but "yum".....

J is sick. Some kind of stomach flu. He's been vomiting
since last nite. Serious stomach pain, and fever. I feel so
helpless.. there is nothing i can do to help him. Just be
there for him. Let him rest his head on my lap. Caress him,
hug him, hold him,Kiss him. We had a pleasant evening. We
watched t.v. together. then he went home.

My schedule this week.. i worked monday, today, tomorrow,
thursday, friday, saturday, sun. Then my two week vacation.
I might even work a lil bit next week. Before we leave for
NY. I will be gone, so i wont be able to make as many
entries. But.. ill be sure to check in as soon as i return.


"girls usually giggle at sex scenes in movies... me? I
laugh.. cuz i know i can do better"....