my own escape
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2001-06-28 22:40:14 (UTC)


So im chiilin here in north carolina with my fam. It's
getting towards the end o the trip and part of me wants to
stay here and part of me desperatly wants to go home. I
just feel that there ids so much i have to take care of at
home but this escape is so sweet.

I founds out armara cheated on me. that really sux. i
figured as much or at least that we were broken up. we
havent talked for a long while. she never thankwed me for
the flowers i sent her on her bday. really shes being a
str8 up bitch. fuck her and fuck all her peeps.
I fuckin hate the bitch now. i never wanna hear form her

my peeps madefun of my new bikini. they said my lil booty
was showing--- uh duh it is a brazilian cut dumbass. i like
my body and i want to show it off for some stange reason.

we went dolphin watching and saw almost 40 of the lil
suckas. that was wed. tuesday we kicked it at the beach and
got fucked upo at the beach with christine and her man.
alli and i came home and contiued the festivities. didnt go
to sleep until 4 am. man th enesxt am which was the dolphin
watch, was mad hard. I think thats why i fell asleep
towards the end of it.

my belly ring is still not infected and i am very happy
about that. I hope it doesnt become that way. that would
really suck big ass.
i think the pizza is here so gotta jet till next time

peace out

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