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life of a porn star
2002-07-10 02:34:17 (UTC)

lameness in my life

well there has been nothin going on this week accept work.
i had a borin weekend - pretty much hung out around the
house. well fri and sat i went tomags to visit bc she has
been working out of town. sunday morning maggie woke me up
and dragged me to camp in my pjs. i thought it was so rude
that she made me go. she is such a bum and her anoyin ways
have bee getting to me again. she thinks all these things
she does to me are ok bc we are best friends but i still
need to have boundries. so i walked around the gd camp in
my pjs and i really didnt need to be there.
last week i thought i was starting to be able to talk to
barry. but i guess its weird bc i am the youngest
counselor. i have nothing in common with this guy but he is
so hott and so cute. it just kills me sometimes but he
talks to all the other girls but me. also greg has been
callig me non stop. i automatically make excuses not to
hang out with him but he wont stop and he wont take a hint.
so GO AWAY. i get ot of work and there are like 2 or 3
missed calls fom him. and im so tired onweekdays andi have
to get up early fr work and he doesnt understand i cant
stay outlate bc i really need to sleep. grrr
and now we come to my favorite dick in the ass-matthew,
one week ago he told me that he definitely wanted to hang
out with me and that he wanted me to come stay with him
when his parents are out of town. the last time i talked to
him was when i called him to see if he still wanted to hang
out. he hasnt been online since and he sounded weird i may be rejected and may be totaly wrong. but i
reall ant him to cm online smetime soon so my mind could be
put to rest or canbitch him out.