Nukem's Book of Life
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2001-06-28 22:27:38 (UTC)

First Entry

This is my new diary. I will wright it in WordPad
first then copy it to My-Diary. This will help to ensure I
spell every thing right. Anyway, after looking for an
online diary for a while, I found this.
You have missed a lot of my life. So let me catch you
up. Its summer, I just got out of 8th grade. I am going
into High School in about a month. I signed up for this
thing called ROTC. It’s kind of the army for High School.
I have no idea what it will be like. I am at my mom’s
house, so I have AOL. Well, to cut a long story short, I
met a person on AOL, a girl actually. We talk about our
day and whatever pops into our heads. Sometimes we have
arguments, and she gets really upset. I try not to make
her mad, but sooner or later I do. I got my new game about
a week ago. Its Twisted Metal: Black. I love it, its
great. I even made my new screen name out of it. My new
SN is NukemBlack. I dont have alot to talk about. I look
at other peoples diarys and see that they have it hard. I
always thought my life was not great, but then i saw
theres. I am starting to realize how good I have it.