Abstract Soul
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2002-07-10 01:32:47 (UTC)

When time was stolen

Dearest All Who Read,

There aren't any words to be spoken now...but for the
time that I have been away...a many of words have been
wanting to explode. Now...I cannot think of a single one.

I will, however share with you some that I managed to
capture and hold down onto paper.

~for those who care and have a little time-
here, for you, a little rhyme~

Underneath I am
silent and afraid
I weep behind forged smiles
and lie in the hell I've made

~ one for the road ~
(and to remember and reflect upon)

My sweet sound
how lovely and dear
listen to its words
and succumb to its fear

I never really valued my time on the internet, but when my
dog chewed my wire and I was cut off....god, I felt
dettached, frantic, and worse, you think I
could be addicted? Anyway..for those who read my diary...the
melancholy aroma that is my aura has returned.