The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-07-10 01:10:37 (UTC)

Oh you pretty things

I finally got a chance to talk to Katie last night; she
called about eleven o'clock. Honestly, it was sort of a
drag. She can be so priggish sometimes, so finger-wagging.
It was nice to talk to her of course, but she seemed upset
about a) the fact that I was romantically involved with
someone up here, and b) my pronounciation that I plan to
leave Louisville pretty quickly following graduation.
Pssssch. Like I said, sort of a drag. But regardless,
she'll be up next week and that should be fun. I imagine
her and Jessy will get along all right. But whatever. Her
attitude really put me out a bit.


That's OK.

You know, I was listening to "Tommy" on the way to work,
and when the French horn kicked in on the "Overture," I
realized shit, half the Who are dead. You just think of
people like John Entwistle (or Dee Dee Ramones, or Joey
Ramone, or George Harrison, for that matter) as being

Neal and I had a brilliant idea while we were talking at
work today. The topic of Keystone tattoos came up; the
little Keystones that a lot of Pittsburgh punk kids get on
their arms or backs or wherever to show their loyalty to
the local scene. I asked if they wore those all across the
state, like in Philly, say. He said no, the kids in Philly
wear Liberty Bells. So I said, well, in Louisville, they
wear fleur-de-lis, it's the same thing. And the idea struck
us simultaneously: punk kids everywhere have similar,
regional tattoos, and wouldn't that be a great idea for a
book? Yes, it would! We decided to write a grant proposal
and see what could happen. I think that would be a really
thrilling project to get into, and Neal's a really great
kid. It would just be a fantastic experience, travelling
across the country taking pictures of regional punk tattoos. It's the
sort of project I want to be devoting the next ten or so years of my
life towards -- not moldering away in Louisville forever like I fear
Katie may do.