Visions Of Life
2002-07-10 00:54:41 (UTC)

OMG!! I Am Such A Stereotypical Girl!!

I guess I can call myself a landscaper in training. It may
not be a "real" job but its paying the bills, at least
until i get a "real" job.

Today I was trimming trees and some other random stuff so I
was sitting in the dirt alot. Im digging around with tools,
minding my ownn business when I started getting ambushed. I
had wasps flying above me, landing on my arm, then the
weird red and tan spiders came out of the ground, then came
the centipede, the ants, and, last but not least, the
spider the size of my hand. Now i can handle little bugs
but this giant spider leaped onto my leg and I screamed
like a sissy girl. Im so ashamed!

You know what really bothers me. Asking a guy to lift
something for me cuz its too heavy. Now Im a pretty tough
chick but I just couldnt lift a huge bag of cement. Im such
a weakling lil girl. Ack!

Nothing really new in my life. All is good. Just need to
party soon.