SuGaR RuSh
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2002-07-09 22:39:25 (UTC)

dont u forget about me

i found out my test results from my blood test and my x
rays...everythings just peachy...

i got an was really mean...god they make me
seam like im the fuckin meanest person in the world
towards them if they think im so mean then they shouldnt
fuckin talk 2 me not mean 2 them thats just
how i am....

what the funk am i suppose 2 do they keep asking me and i
have no fuckin clue what 2 im so confused...i
never ever ever thought in a million yrs this would b
happening...good god...2morrow is gunna b crazy maddness im
sitting here like starein @ the screen cuz i have no clue
what 2 say about this ahhhhhh!

9 more days and im gonneeee my house has the internet...but
i dun wanna talk 2 anyone when im mabye ill just
write in here a few times so i dun write a shitload when i
get back..gawd its gunna b soooooo kick assssss ekkkkkk!

im out