Fazzy's Memoires....
2002-07-09 21:59:54 (UTC)


Why is it that it seems like all the pakis.... are
getting jobs where they've got to call people ????

I aint even close to being racist... But, last wednesday
i received a call from a credit agency about my Visa
bill... I owe about 800 dollars on it... I was sleeping
cause i worked all night and picked the phone... and...
this dude started talking.... Of course he was (( most
probably )) pakistanish as he has an accent like they got.
But it was sooo bad that i had to make him repeat
everything he said like 2 or 3 times... Grrrr... Why cant
they employ people who can communicate clearly on the
phone ????

*sigh* People... cant live with them.... passs the taco
sauce... /nod

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