The Useless Drag of Another Day
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2001-06-28 21:48:04 (UTC)

wise young fool...

june 28, 4:28 p.m.
song of the moment: interlude by siouxsie and morrissey

i havent written in like two weeks...i've been so busy
trying to make everything perfect that i've completely lost
track of time...and i'm nervous about pulling this off,
sickeningly nervous. of course i'm excited and all but more
so nervous. because it would be the most horrible thing in
the world if i didnt make this perfect. and i dont know why
i bother writing here, its just like i'm typing my thoughts
for no reason at all which is kinda stupid if you think
about it because even if someone did read this they wouldnt
know what i was talking about and even if they did know
they wouldnt understand it because they arent me obviously
so therefore they dont feel things the way i do. its
impossible to ever really know someone. you can empathize
with them and try to relate to them but beyond that, there
isnt much that you can do. which is a good thing because no
matter how much you give to a person you still have that
one bit of yourself with will eternally be only yours, the
part of you that no other person could ever even try to
understand. which is really gorgeous in my opinion...oh
well enough of my rambling. love peace empathy mischief
desire and gladness always...