lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-07-09 20:38:16 (UTC)

rock on!!!

ok, not yet, but i saw a little news clip last night about
the warped tour & it showed good charlotte singing
"motivation proclamation" and i was like YAAAAAAAAY
and i'm so excited and i'm in love with new found glory's
new video and and and WOW life is exciting!

i went on a drive today, but i had stephanie this time.
she was really fun...basically she told me what the t.o.
drive test will be like and she said the only things i
need to work on are looking over my right shoulder
more and (grrrr) where i place my hands. haha my dad
is riiiiiiight. she kept saying, "they could fail you for
trying to drive like a cool teenager"...whatever that
means haha. so now i'm reeeally scared but oh well. i
thrive under fear (uhhh....) plus she gave me my little
certificate from driving school, so supposedly i'm done
with my classes. haha i thought i had one to go. oh

and she was asking me stuff like, "are you going to go
to college? do you know what you're studying?" and i
told her i had no idea, so she said, "good. i think kids
who are like 14 and know exactly what they want to do
are weird!" so that's my inspiration of the day. plus i
like this quote from marilyn manson that i heard on
vh1...sheesh he's a creature...

"i think everyone should, at one time or another, join a
band, just so they can smash things."