your face won't stay like that
2002-07-09 19:07:58 (UTC)

oops, just hit a nerve... your face won't stay like that

so here i am reading this crap that i've written back
when i was young and foolish. well i'm an adult now. well
not technically and sure i still through the occasionally
tantrum but hey i've got a car. not just any car, it used
to be my great grandmother's ( no it's not a model T) and
it has all this Jesus memorobilia in it b/c nana was into
that stuff. the car was even blessed for pete's sake, but
over my dead body am i going to take down that stuff b/c it
would most certainly mean bad luck. it's this ugly white
pontiac 6000. i've officially named it the albino rhino.
i mean it really is blessed b/c when i backed into a
parking garage last week at a decent clip the thing barely
got a scratch.
now i'm at the dentist yesterday getting a filling
fixed b/c well... it broke. anyway i absoulutly have a
passion filled hate of needles, who likes them? so im
super freaked about the guy standing over me w/ a needle
longer than micheal jordan's...feet. so he proceeds to
pierce my, and im doing ok, deep breaths when...SHAZAAM my
mouth and eyes start to twitch uncontrolably and i have the
most painful sensation ever in my lips and chin. feels
like a billion knives were slicing me up. i swear it was
like they were torturing me, with the needles, the bright
overhead lamp, the masks, goog god i don't have any
information!!! this only lasted maybe 5-10 seconds and the
detist was like "oop, just hit a nerve." what? just hit?
i'll just hit him. cricky i was scared and pissed. so my
mouth was a little extra numb but eventually thawed out,
although i did have to go to the library drooling, which
forever ruined my chance w/ the guy at the reference desk.
oh well.