The lost little girl
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2002-07-09 17:18:51 (UTC)

just another day...

hey what's up...ok..i promised i would write about this past
weekend and that's what i'm gonna do. as you know me and
crystal went down to Troy to visit laura and gabe for the
b-day party...it was cool...i really hit it off with gabe's
frat brothers. they were all really cool...and they all
deffinately have a great sense of humor. tee hee
hee...anyways...i didn't go to sleep that night i was up all
ngiht with scott talking and whatnot...so i was wicked tired
the next day when Laura, Crystal and myself went to the
local mall. then the three of us were talking and crystal
and myself just figured we would stay an extra day..which
was cool..oh the second night we were there i hung out with
mike and we were watching tv in the living room of the frat.
About 1 or 2 am he went somewhere i don't really
remember..then he returned around 6 ( i think) and when he
did..he walked over to me and was like " you awake janie?" i
was like " yeah..." he's like " so..my next question...why
are you watching this?"..and i turn my head and richard
simons is bouncing around the screen ..i screamed 'oh fuck'
and changed the channel..i think he got a kick out of
it..any ways..i'm going to be there again rather soon..in
like two weeks..me and crystal are going to buffalo and
stopping there...*sigh*...i'm so tired b'cuz i just got back
from katy's house..i stayed there last night..girly
night..yay..actually it was wicked funny...anyways...really
quick i just want to thank all the guys from AXP and laura
for having us and i know i had a wonderful time...and we'll
see you soon ...
love you - janie

ps. thanks scott ;)

daily quote:
"oh...oohhh..ooooohhhhh....click.."- katy

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