a little taste of me
2001-06-28 19:53:57 (UTC)

men have it easy!!!!

i was always wondered why some guys act so fake. every guy i meet i ask myself does he feel the same way i do or is it just put on. the other night i was watching sex and the city and carrie talked about how your ex boyfriends tend to be like ghosts and they just haunt you until you finally get the nerve to comfront them. but how do you comfront a guy you have not seen in like a year. or what if you cant find them what do you do then. all i know is that i have a ex haunting me and the bad thing is im with someone else trying to get rid of him in mind my constantly. its hard to make guys relize that you love them or you like them with really strong feelings. how do you tell a guy how you feel with them always acting like kids? you cant ever touch a guy deep inside unless he is one of those touchy guys who cry over the movie ghost with you. how are you ever going to find one of those guys? its like once in a lifetime you will find a guy like that. i think that guys 13 to 29 act so stupid and immature but there is a acception to those who are married and have kids. but sometimes they cant even keep their heads on straight. i wish sometimes i could just jump in there heads and se what they are thinking! but hey that never happens.....only in the movies. why do some girls have it all? they know what their man is thinking 24/7 and its like how in the hell do you do that? i wish i knew. that way i would have kept a leesh on jesse and not let him go out with the guys as much as he did. sometimes i sit and think to myself and say what the hell is a marriage when a guy cant act like a adult. i think in all marriages women are the backbones of the marriages. us women never get a chance to stop and take a rest they just think we are here to do everything for them. some women have to hold a job and then try to come home before the husband comes home and clean the house and make dinner. men get to come home and sit down in front of the tv and have the women wait on them hand and foot. what is with these men?