Get with my program or get off my case.
2001-06-28 19:41:08 (UTC)

My first entry

Well, this is me. Hi. I was looking for my best friend's
diary, couldn't find it. So I decided to write one of my
own. Oh well. I'll talk to her about it later I guess.
Well, before I really get started, I guess I better tell
you that I'm bitter. I'm one of those cynical, sarcastic
teenage girls who's had her heart broken not only by her
biological father but by the two guys in her life that told
her they loved her. So anyway that's why I'm a little cold
and unfriendly. Also I'm shy and that doesn't help much.
Let's see... if you're reading this, you must be interested
in someone who's just rambling. Thanks for caring. That's
more than most of the people in my life.
"All your insults, and your curses, make me feel like, I'm
not a person... And I feel like, I am nothing, but you made
me, so do something..." -a passage from "For You" by
That's the way my father makes me feel. And the way Edward
makes me feel. And the way Michael makes me feel. These
people delight in my suffering. Gosh they're assholes.
*End of today*