I Debbie...
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2002-07-09 16:28:21 (UTC)


Remember when you were a little kid growing up and you had a
best friend. This was the one person you thought you could
tell anything to and with whom you would have wild
adventures. Mind you the wild adventures may be getting on
your bikes(for me it was big-wheels)and tearing off for
parts un-known(the cul-de-sac). Or you could call them up to
tell them how unfair your parents were because of this or
that. Well, I had some growing up and I don't know if it is
just me or the fact that I am an adult,..but how come you
can't find those anymore. You would think that in this day
with wars,terrorists,disease and crime enough to go around
,people would graviutate to those simpler times of back yard
conersations. Apparently not. The pendulum of time always
swings back from the direction it came from but I would like
to know how far it has to go befiore it heads on back to
compassion,kindness,and friendship. When I first moved down
here I thought I was coming to a friendlier saner place than
the bigger city from where I came. But I was wrong. City or
suburb,side street,alley,or neighborhood. We are all the
same. Your poer in you is just power and it is up to the
individual to be either good,bad,or both. You can't blame
someone else for who you have become because even they set
the ball in motion it is uo to each of us to stop or start
the path that is going to lead us to our ultimate goal.

And on the subject of friendship, I always thought you
had to work at it and nurture it. I am not one of these who
needs daily conversations or big momentous stirrings of
sisterhood. But, I do think you can expect too much from
people and just like a chord of Christmas lights they too
can break. So, be careful with each other. We are not toys
from our childhood to which we can turn back to when the
moment strikes us. Nor should we be jealous of ties each of
us has with other people. These bonds are tha complexities
that make us feel fullfilled and alive. And we can say the
word NO and it is okay. We can't always be there for each
other. That is why you should be independant. And one more
thing, the next time my husband says that one of my friends
is messed up I think I am going to pay more attention!!!!!!