The Daily Babble
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2002-07-09 15:40:53 (UTC)

Its Finally Over!!!

Well its finally over!!!! And I'm already back at
stuff. The wedding and everything else, went by --almost with any
gliches, but of course there were some issues here and there.

Wednesday I ended up not going to work since the rest of my family
took off also. There was a lot of last minute things to worry
about. And also a few of my cousin's arrived that day so we hung
out at my aunt's waiting for them.

Thursday was the Shantek and Garba....That morning we had to go to
the hall and decorate...the Shantek itself was ok...things went
wrong there also...There was some issues with the Priest, then the
ceremony started late...then my cousin had an emergency so I took
her to the store and it was time to get Erica so I met Vikas there
and we drove back to the hall. Of course Indians are really
annoying and they just stared as soon as she walked in. I tried to
make her feel comfortable by letting her know that no one was
looking at her. Haha. But things went well after we got
there...most of the cousins sat there and hung out with her and
then, after the ceremony was over, me and my sister took Erica,
Anand, and Vikas to their house to change for the garba. So
basically me and my sister got dressed up [so totally dressed up]
for the short while we were there!

So we all changed into our garba stuff and drove back over to the
hall for dinner and garba. Erica looked sooo good in her Garba
outfit and so did Anand...they mingled with people and ate, as did
I...Finally it was time to dance. At first, Erica was like "oh I'm
fine, I can do this"...and then when we said it was time, she
goes "NOW?!" Hehe, it was pretty funny. So her and Anand started
the dance and me and Vik followed with the rest of our cousins in
tow. Erica and Anand did such a great job! I was so happy for
them! Her family was so excited and taking all these pictures and
cheering. After the first dance, it was time for all our
performances. I was so nervous!!! Luckily, me and Neelam were the
last ones up, so we were able to watch all the performances first.
Then it was our turn and we were flipping out! We made a total of
like 3 mistakes, but nothing too noticable. We just knew since it
was our dance....But everyone was surprised and loved it when Vikas
joined in at the end of the dance...and when we finally finished,
everyone came to tell us we did a great job so I was pretty happy
about that.

After that there was just some Dandia/Ras until about 11:00 PM...we
only had the hall until 11:30PM. After the Ras was over, my cousins
decided to get together and do a family dance. It started out a lot
of fun, the DJ put on some upbeat music and everyone just started
dancing, but then just random aunties and uncles started joining in
and things got weird, hehe. But finally the night was over and
after some last minute checking up, we all headed to our
houses...that night my family actually stayed up to watch the tape
from the night and to watch our performances so that was kind of fun.

Friday was the Rehersal dinner that night. It started out slow, but
then during dinner, we had a lot of fun. I saw with my cousin's and
brother-in-law and we were just laughing and having a good time.
Even though there was an open bar, I didn't have anything to drink,
though everyone kept encouraging it! .... We mingled with some of
Erica's family and friends and listened to some nice speeches by
Erica's father and their friend Raaj. They were nice speeches and
Raaj almost started crying during his! Then, toward the end of the
night, Erica gave little gifts to me, my sister, my cousin Neelam
and my cousin Tanvi....we opened them when we got to the car and
they were these cute little necklaces from Tiffany & Co!!! That was
so sweet of her!

And that brings us up to the wedding date--jump to the next entry!

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