Spring in Summer
2001-06-28 19:17:32 (UTC)

What to do, What to do

Ok. Three completely different guys..One me. What do I
do? Let's review here..There's Robby. My new boyfriend. I
do like him but something's not there...The electricity
maybe?? I don't know..It's something though..He's confusing
me..One minute he's wanting me to be right next to him all
the time and the next he's going to a party that only a few
people will be at and I really can't go.
Then there's Michael..He's calling me again..He seems to
forget what he did to me. I mean, he cheated on me with my
friend. I know it's half her fault too and I've forgiven
them both..But..Aw..I don't know. He wrote me an e-mail the
other day and said something about me "finding Mr. Right if
I kept my eyes open". What does THAT mean? Is he
saying "I'm Mr. Right" or "I care about your happiness and
I just wanted to let you know that you WILL find Mr. Right
Then there's Greg..That boy is gonna be the death of me.
I've loved him for so long. I remember when I first met
him..He was in first grade and me in second. He used to
make me so mad by teasing me and throwing softballs at
me..Stuff like that. But I watched him grow up. From a
short,mean little boy that was always in trouble to what he
is now..A tall blonde sweetheart with the boyish smile that
drives me crazy. I fell in love with him. It's hard for me
to sit here and say that I still love him because we've
tried so hard to make 'us' work and it never did. But
despite that I DO still love him. I always have..and I
think I always will. He told me to call him sometime.I
haven't yet because I don't know what to do. Should I stay
with Robby?? Should I try once more with Michael?? Or
should I be with Greg?? Why does this have to be so
complicated?? All I know is that I do still love Greg but I
don't want to hurt Robby. I don't know where Michael comes
into it anywhere.. I need help.. I need advice.