a little taste of me
2001-06-28 19:10:17 (UTC)

what happened next

well like i said we were all sitting watching a movie and then the movie went off and i climb on to the bed and and so did jesse. we then started making out and i started taking his clothes off and he started takiing mine off and then we started ahving sex. it was my first time. i was kinda nervous and then again i was kinda excited. then we stopped and katie woke up and we went looking for her camera and then we finally found it and started taking pictures. jason woke up and we started taking pictures of him and and stuff like that. then jesse and jason went to bed and me and katie stayed up talking all night long. around 3 in the morning i climb into bed next to jesse and fell asleep. he woke up noticing i ahd no blankets and no pillow. he kissed me and that woke me up and we then started having sex again and we did it for 1 hour after that we started talking and he told me something he should have told me a long time ago. he told me he had a kid. i never knew he would keep that from me. a month later i met his mom and she loved me like i was her own. she was a sweet lady. i loved talking to her. we sat there and watched movies together and stuff like that. then it was time for jesse to meet my parents and he did. he spent the night at my dads house. i loved it. my family liked him. when i got home from my dads house jesse called me and we started talking about how much fun we had that weekend. then he asked for my middle name and i told him and he then waited for a minute and ask me to marry him. i was so happy i was crying and i never felt this way in my life. i told everyone. they were so happy for me. it was a dream come true. then one day i thought i might be pregnant and i told him and and my mom found by a letter i left laying on my floor. jesse was there for me the whole time. turns out i was not pregnant. i was kinda relieved. then i went to my dads house one weekend and i called jesse and we talked for a while ont he phone. he told me that he was moving and i said where and he said west virgiana. i started to get upset. he told me we were never going break up even if he moved. he told me he loved me and i was just so torn up inside. i didnt know what to do after he left so i started hanging out with jason and talking to him on the phone. he helped me relize that jesse was a player and no matter what i did i could not change it. well here i am now all upset wishing that i could have him here but i guess i wont ever get to have him again. i pray everynight to get him in my arms again. but wishes and prayers dont always come true i guess!