Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-07-09 13:38:24 (UTC)

Everything New

I haven't written in a while. So, first off, my mom's
shoulders, neck and arms have been hurting which means that
if they don't get better, then she'll need to have a bone
scan done to make sure that no cancer has spread. Well,
yesterday, she was hurting really bad so she was going to
go to the ER and I had to work, so I called erica and asked
her to work fer me because I worked fer her on Sat. Well,
she whined and complained and i was crying because of
everything and finally she said she'd do it and by then i
was upset with her so i told her to ferget it and i hung
up. Well, then she went up to where we work and she told
Bobbie to call me and tell me that our boss said I didn't
have to come in. So when she got back home she told me what
she did, and then we got into a huge fight and then we got
over it.So, that's what's going on there.

About the guys i'm (not)dating: Amie's ex, Matt, is also
Erica's ex...friends with benefits..well, all of the
sudden, he's wanting to hang out with me and stuff and I'm
kinda weary about it. then there's this guy, wes, but he's
20 and reallllllly not my type, but he thinks it'd work
out..and i'm like...not even gonna do that because it's
totally illegal. Then we have TJ...he is really cool, but
he doesn't want a g/f because Jess just completely broke
his heart. I don't even know if I like him though. He told
me the other night, he just wanted to flirt fer a, we're..flirters...haha.. But
honestly, I don't even know if I want a relationship wiht
anyone. Because, I dont' want to get myself hurt again.

About church: well, this week we have Vacation Bible
School, and in my group i have 4 seven year old boys. I
tell ya, 7 year olds are hillarious. Well, also about ex, Matt (not the same matt as before), and I
aren't even speaking because he slept with a girl named
Brittney. I'm against premarital sex, and it's not just
because he did it, because i've dated non-virgins before,
it's just the fact that when we dated he swore he'd be a
virgin till he got married. And he completely went against
his faith and everything else. So, yeah, that's definitely
not cool with me. Well, this weekend, we're all going out
on a retreat with church, and my youth leader told me that
she was going to make her own restraining order and that we
would be seperated. And that if he even came up to me,
she'd tell him to get back 10 feet. So, i thought that was
pretty cool.
Anyway, I have to leave in 4 minutes for VBS. So, I'll
write again later.

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