Livin' Large....or...not.
2001-06-28 18:45:41 (UTC)


I need some more of them. This place is's a
very young community, but people are so hyper-busy
that they never want to pencil in anyone new. I feel like I
have to try to track down people who just moved here,
before their schedule fills up with "yoga class at 8am,
work, then a pottery class at six, a dinner party, and then
I need to spend time with my boy/girlfriend."
Not that I'm not busy; I have a lot of interests, but I
manage to make time for people I want to see, you
know? I finally gave up on a really good friend of mine
because she was so goddamn busy that she'd literally
say, "Can you meet for a 20-minute coffee?" and then
she'd want to leave even before the 20 minutes were
up. Jesus.
The opposite is my friend Frank, who I went on a road
ride with this morning. He almost always has time, and
we pick up right where we left off, even if it's been
months since we've seen each other. But he's got a
strange personality at times (well, shit, so do I), and
occasionally I want to hang around someone a little
more socially adjusted.
I'm hoping to make some friends from the Boulder
Offroad Alliance...there's a bunch of cool people in that
Mike's pissed that I don't really dig his friends, but a lot
of them are boring car-racing geeks. What can I say?

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