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2001-06-28 18:33:19 (UTC)

June 28, 2001

You know what I was just wondering? What's the deal with
guys and girls and messing around w/people that you're not
even with? I mean take 2 situations: 1)there's a guy at a
party and he's pretty single, doesn't really like anybody
and he goes into a room w/some girl and they fool around
and stuff, or even have sex. The next day the guy does the
same thing, and then the next day he does the same thing
too. He goes back to school on Monday and all of the guys
worship him and think he is the king. 2)there's a girl at
a party and she goes into a room w/some guy that she
doesn't like and she is single. they mess around and maybe
even have sex. The next day she goes back to school and is
automatically labeled a ho. What the fuck is up w/that?
How is it that a girl is considered a ho after one night
and a guy is considered a player or a pimp for doing more
than that chic did and he all of a sudden is hott shit? I
think this whole fuckin world is corrupt with shit like
that. what's our problem?