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2002-07-09 10:28:12 (UTC)

damnit i closed it... let me..

damnit i closed it...
let me continur..

anyways.. i got stuff for my passport and i wentfor the 5th
time to try to get my HAWIYYEH.. then we went back and
forth and finally we went to a place called OTAYA.. f
course we went in this HUGE AMAZING SUPER COOL PORSCHE
pickup with the fadedwords peugeot on it... we arrived
after a bumpy ride.. and swam with alllll my cousins.. and
i remembered a picture i found a few days ago... we were in
the same place only 10 years younger.. i hope we get a
picture with all of us in the same place... after getting
sunburnt.. and swimming and eating.. we took pictures with
rami and soubhi for their graduation.. then nahel's cousin
RAMI started playing with a waterballoon.. he sat with me
and my cuzin Amer and then my cuz popped the balloon on him
ahahahah .. then Ramis dad started throwing balloons at
us.. so then wen he was threatening to throw it on the
older ppl, my aunt came behind him and popped it right on
him.., ahahahaha we clapped and laughed.. then we went home
sunburnt and exhausted... i arrived home at 9 andslept at

well today i woke up and showered and got ready.. i started
the day with me going to the glasses shop guy.. i chose a
stylish pink entourage.. with the thickest lenses you have
seen... i hope the guys like it,.,.,

well i forgot to tell u this funy story..

2 days back me and my cousin amer went back home bytaxi
and to enter it we had to open the door slightly..after
trying to go in and htting the taxi beside us's car(pardon
my english) the cab was like "MOO KTEER?" then we went in..
then the cab we were in said" OO3A IL LEEMOZEEN.. INNO MA

well thats all for me ppl ;.. ill talk later...
if u want to call me call this number
its my mobile there, cant recieve and send msgs yet so ill
tell you when i can..


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