Life of Joolz
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2001-06-28 18:27:32 (UTC)

Thursday 28th June 2001

7.26pm-What an eventful day-have to go for bath now and
then will carry on. Busy busy busy and fit to drop-need
vino badly.

Ron's whinging coz he's got summat in t'oven and he's a
huffin and a puffin. Right-just applied for online home
improvement loan and it's been approved in principle. Gotta
send birth certs/payslips/utilities bills/bank statements.
Bolox to 'em but suppose it has to be done. It's intelligent finance
is the company (a subsidiary of Halifax PLC)

Roofer's been (third one) all said same re dodgy lats and
latest one's cheapest!! So they start tomorrow!! Eeh by
heck, I've got two men putting me scaffolding up the back
of me house in t'morning. Hummph-suppose will have to make
tea for them etc-will be strange on first day of my hols
having two men here for few days. Could be worse. Not bad
either-seemed more genuine than other twats who've been
here. Need leak sorting though, and roof is really beginning to sag
(just like me)
Have rotten lats but tiles OK-felt has holes I so
agreed to new felt but quality stuff. Will be fun tomorrow.
Right off for bath now as stink.
Vanessa's been for her tea-she had cauliflower cheese. Is
off to London tomorrow for whole week!! Is moving back in
August 2002 for 8 weeks before wedding. Aww..

8.42pm-right I'm back-Van wants to move back coz lease expires on
rented flat 1.8.02 so needs two months here before wedding in October
Had bath and heads fine now-Van's gone home and won't see her for
coupla weeks as in London.

Mental health report: Good but bit tired
Mood: Better
Cigs smoked: Less today than yesterday (stressed out day)
Calories consumed today: Fair, yesterday: bit bad.
Weighin: 8stone 11lbs-where's 2lbs come from? Could be choc bics??

2nd roofer failed to turn up yesterday, and Ron was too placid about
it. He rang his home to ask where he was, and wife said she would get
him to call back. Never did. That's him blown out-stuff his estimates-
if he turns up here at this house (if he dare) I will take estimates
off him and then say I will let ya know-and of course will not get
back to him. He can have taste of his own medicine the twat. Anyway
have chosen third roofer now and starts tomorrow. Wonder if this one
will turn up??? ha ha will have to wait and see. He's agreed to
concrete drain at back in coz it's crumbling. He also knows a painter
and decorator (to paint outside of house) and someone who can provide
full fitting of an external door in UPVC. Will send them to me with
brochures and estimates etc. If price right that will be OK. Will see.
Have someone coming at 12noon on Tuesday re door too. Tis local firm
and director himself is coming to house as all salesmen on hols!!!
Price bit steep though. Bit posh company too.
Need some new curtains/voile for comp room amd some natural cushions.
Been looking but aint seen nowt. Want cushions for lounge too.
Gonna start kitchen tomorrow I think, but bit unsure.
Not as tired today but happy as it's the START OF MY HOLS--YIPEE-10
off now to consume glass cabernet and have fag, might sit outside on
patio in nightie coz it's been a hot one again today.

Toodle. By the way Susan is off to Spain tomorrow - lucky bleeder.
Allocation on arrival half board from leeds/Bradford airport.


10.45pm--v.tired now and just gorron to check summat-yvonne's sent
email-her big day tomorrow and Ron's asleep. Shiting mesenn now re
online loan and thinking about roof and all expenditure. Just gerrin
dark and still v.warm. Sent Adam texts and Sue to wish her good hol
tomorrow. can't wait to have lie in tomorrah morning. Bum pain 4/10
but particularly bad at the minute. Been OK all week, not too bad.
Mother may be coming up Saturday for a one night stay-that means bum
pain will be 9/10 then due to stress factor and constant
headache/yakking/head nodding and Mum following me round house
constantly asking me all time if I'm listening to her. Oh well never
mind can't be helped.
Been rebulding comp all week after crash/hard disc failure and still
figuring out how to get my antivirus protection up and running.
Anyone got any ideas coz I aint. Bolox.