Lana's Journal
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2002-07-09 09:58:10 (UTC)

We're all going on a STONER holiday

As you would know, actually no... not really, Ashy, 'Cindy'
and I (Lana) are going on a holiday for a week to QLD.
Really? Yes really. Anyways, the ingenius 'Cindy' made up
an alcohol smuggling plan since we are all stoners or
alcholics. Cindy thinks that we should wrap it up like a
present and tell her mothe ('Mothe' is the word,
not 'mother') that it's a present for my parents because
they are letting her take over my stoner sister 'Anna's'
(her alias) spot. So it's all good incase anyone was
worried we'd be pissed off because we had no alcohol.
Now, Cindy's taking a crate of smokes with her because we
all know she's going to get the munchies on the road. Now,
me being the stoner of the group I can't live without any
herbal remedies to smoke so I have to buy a new stash tin
(an Afro Ken one)and I need to fill it with some 'goodies'.
Oh yeh, fora good stoner site go to: