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2002-07-09 09:48:17 (UTC)

i'm new

Well.. this is my first litte diary thing. So, if I'm
not to consistant with these entries, you know why. I was
never really good at keeping up with them anyways. But,
I'll be sure to make an effort to keep this one up. I'm
actually keeping up a JOURNAL! wow! You have no idea how
proud I am of myself! I'm actually consistant in ONE thing!
YAY! Anyways... umm.. about me.. hmmmm.. what's there to
Well I'm 14 and I'm about to enter the 9th grade at
a private high school. I'm looking forward to it. I
want to meet new people and I'm ready to move into a bigger
enviroment. I think I NEED to move into a bigger one more
then I'm actually ready to. But oh well. I hope to keep
most of my friends that I have at this moment. But I know
that things change and other people change and I can't
complain about something that was inevitable.
Uh... a little more background info. I'm a punk rock
gurl. No.. I'm not those ones who think the new blink 182
is like the best thing since sliced cheese. I appreciate
artists who AREN'T corrupted just yet. I do like blink 182..
but i prefer their albums.. Chesire Cat and Dude Ranch..
those are like their ultimate albums. Enema of the State
is.. meh.. okay I suppose. The rest is just... trash I
think. Its like what happened?! Same with Linkin Park. I
loved them. I remember listening to them on the Local
Lounge on Live 105. I was in my garage sitting on a stool
and I wrote their name and one step on my hand. Then I got
their CD from one of my bestest buddies and only her and
some guy knew who they were. I like that. I like when I
know unfamous artists. I like them because they are
still them. They don't try to change for any crowd and they
are punk. Now Linkin Park is everywhere, and I have created
a slowly developing distaste for them. If you don't agree
with me, well to bad. Don't leave me a message
saying..\\\"fuck you, linkin park rocks\\\"..
What's the
of that?? What a waste of time. My opinion isn't going to
change, so why waste my time and yours? Anyways.. that's
just some info, if you share a different perspective.
Umm... some more info on me. I am not as irritated as
I seem. I'm usually pretty cool about things. Unless you're
extremely irritating, obnoxious, and not very smart. I have
a very small tolerence level for ignorant people. So,
beware. You've been warned. I'm a pretty fair person. I
like to look at both sides and attempt to assemble a fairly
reasonable account of the event(s). Uh. yea
Well.. that's a lot to read. So I'll give you a break
and stop here. If I have more entries, be my guest to take
a peek into my little life, that seems bigger to me then it