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2002-07-09 08:49:34 (UTC)

The shocking truth about UK mental healthcare

I am so worried about the state of the mental healthcare in
the UK. I think that all brits should emigrate to Belgium!
I remember in Bristol, I was made to wait 3 months to see a
psychologist last summer, even though it was clear that the
longer I was left untreated, the worse, as my self injury
was really kicking in. And when I saw him... he took one
look at my arms and told me that he had spent the whole
night with someone who self injures and the last thing he
needs is another one. Well ta, mate. That's a novel way of
treating someone who is mentally unwell, patronising them
and making them feel guilty.

Luckily I ended up in Brussels. The hospital staff really
understood how I was feeling and when to talk to me and
when to leave me alone. I remember after one incident where
I was really distressed and just couldn't do anything but
lie in bed saying "the razor wasn't sharp enough", the
psychiatrist came round and tried to talk to me. I was
behaving like a kid and he finally got really frustrated
and said "I am not a pediatric psychiatrist. I will talk to
you when you are behaving more like an adult." This was the
one time he got angry with me... and it worked.

My point, I suppose, is that all comparisons I make between
UK and Belgian mental health treatment bring Belgium out on

I kept a diary of what happened in the hospital. It turned
out to be quite long. I am going to try to get it published
to help remove some of the prejudice about si and mental
illness. Also to reveal the shocking state of mental
healthcare in the UK.

It has been 8 weeks and 3 days since I last cut myself.