Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
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2002-07-09 07:26:06 (UTC)

Area: Undefined

take a boy
one of the ones who follows
take away
his innocence
after all,
he looks to them
to teach him the meaning of our presence
somewhere in this lesson
innocence was traded for incest
& the man in the big white hat
lost his position
lost his precaution
lost his own lesson

"there's something about crisis that brings people together"
it's such a sick race
the human race
doing inhumane things
in this unbalanced place

it's fear of scandal
fear of disillusionment
that the holy men
impregnate little girls
& fail to impregnate
little boys

all hail the holy dick
as it cuts through the holy hole
& into the innocents skin

all hail the holy group
which is simply a large cult
& they're keeping the sick dicks
in a loop

the men in the black suits with money
no longer have control
but, somewhere on the manuscript
it says that they do not condone
the religiously legit
& somehow in the throne, the only kings have been those
religiously inclined
if it were a matter of the kind and unkind, does that leave
the rapist holy men in the area undefined?

"it's like saying, 'we need a new mission' "
in other words; we need to focus
on another aspect of this group

"the mistake that has been made.."
is no mistake
but a holy undertake
with bitches & pimps
molesting on high grounds
preach the gospel
with violations out of bound

& it is true we all need
guidance sometimes
but what action should be taken
to those who provide the way?
...just losing their power under the mental rule...
we let them get away

"this is my church, too
i'm staying
i'm contributing
i'm listening"
well, you've stayed, but your contributions are too light
you're listening, but choosing to filter what you know
isn't right
& each individual is to decide from up & down, left and
right, & good & bad
but, if one thinks it's right, then in their mind no harm
is being done
& if one thinks it's wrong, then in their mind they feel
the other does not belong

somewhere in the lesson
innocence was traded for incest
& the man in the big white hat
lost his position
lost his own lesson
lost his existence
lost his obsession

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