The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-07-09 06:48:16 (UTC)


today was better! i got to leave my house! yea! k, i'm trying to
write this befor it's midnight. i got to lil saigon. we went
shopping... bought food... i was gone for most the day. i'm glad i
got out.


i got home late and only went on for a few minutes to write this and
check things out....

so, i really have nothing to talk about...

well... if you haven't heard, i feel really bad for the four kids who
died in that plane crash at a park. there was a 12 yr., 8 yr., and
two other kids. it's so sad how they grew up their whole lives,
then... it's just gone... they're just gone... just like that cuz of
sum screwed up plane driver. (im gonna try not to use proanity). they
were vietnamese. my mom says they were look my aunt's relative's
relatives or sumthin like that. those children had never really been
to a park before... this was like a rare momment for a family BBQ.
and they just went...

if there is such thing as destiny... how could it be soooo cruel. if
there was a god... how could a life be created to only be
destroyed... so young... they had a life... a life they could've
have... a life that could've been shared...

i don't really believed destiny... or any of that crap as much...
science has to support or prove it...

it was that *#@$ed up drunk @$$ plane driver... hope he goes to

srry, im in a pissy mood thinkin bout all that...