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2001-06-28 17:47:52 (UTC)

First day

June 28th 2001~
Well I have a lot to say, My weekend was so much fun.
Friday I got home from Flordia and Mom and me went right up
to the race track to see my dad. I was really tired so I
decided to come home early.
Saturday, We went up to the track kinda early today because
we had to meet a bunch of my friends up there to get them
into the track. Everyone got in ok. Well later that day I
asked my parents if I could go up and stay at Clayton's
Cottage (Clayton is my Boyfrind but its kinda secretive)
well surprisingly they said I could, So I got to stay up at
the cottage. Well it was getting late and I was two lazy to
walk up the stairs so I just slept on the floor. I kept
being kicked in the middle of the night because I think
Clayton wanted to go "do something" well that didn't happen
well at least I didn't move. Well later on that night
Clayton came on down by we and we started kissing and one
thing led to another and well all of a sudden his hand went
down my pants! Yeah it felt great. Just a little
surprising. I wanted to go down on him but I just couldn't
do it I was to chicken. Well we kissed good night and said
our I love yous and we went to bed.
Sunday~ We had to get up so early on sunday. I think we
were up at 5:20 ahhhh to early. We had to get up and go
racing. Sam took me home so I could shower and stuff then
we headed to miller park. I was running pretty bad that
day. But this one guy Sam in a WRX gave me some magnectic
Race Girl stickers to put on my car. Well thats it for now
talk to you later
Love ya,

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