Cute Chaos

2002-07-09 06:03:34 (UTC)

Meeting TONY!

Tony came over on Sunday. I was so happy to finally meet
him. I must have made one hell of a first impression cause
he came over when I was still in the shower. He got to see
me practically nakey… lol Thank you towels that would have
been weird. LOL I think the day went really well. We were
supposed to go swimming at the lake but instead Korrie
insisted that that we come over the her aunts house and go
swimming at the pool. I did not want to be a bitch and say
no so we went over there. I really did not want to stay
long cause I am getting really sick of Korrie. Jessi was
there so it made it a lot easier to take Korrie. Tony was
being really quiet at first but after awhile we started to
have fun. I think it was because Korrie’s cousin’s friends
were in the pool. I really think that Korrie still likes
Tony and vise versa. The entire time he was hanging all
over her. Even though I wanted to leave by 4:30 we lost
track of time and did not leave until about 5:10. I took a
shower before we left and Korrie interrogated Tony. Asking
questions like ‘would you do her?’ and ‘do you like her?’
What does it matter to her… it is like she is trying to win
him over from me. After swimming we came back to my house
and watched a movie. Well a stroke of luck came my way
cause my dad was called in for overtime and the rule “NO
making out in the house” was GONE! Well my little brother
walked in on us kissing. I really hope he does not tell.
The night ended well… with a little yelling from my dad.

UHHHHHHHHHH! I would talk about Korrie but I am just going
to be really upset. I have to admit it but I am jealous of
her. I will never tell her that though because then she
wins her little game. I DON’T think so! She just pisses me
off because she always tries to “take” boys away from me.
Although I would never limit Tony’s friends or try to
manipulate him.

Today was great. I went over to MikeyO’s house today to
visit him. He was at summer school but I hung out with
Wally instead. It was funny. I don’t know what I would do
with out them. When ever I am upset just go over there and
you will leave with a side ache or wet pants from laughing!
After we picked up Mikey from summer school (so he can
graduate early) we talked about cars the entire way back. I
don’t care what they say… They 2003 SVT Cobra Mustang is
the coolest car ever. May not be the fastest or the most
pricey, but I LOVE it. I am going to own one!

I baby-sat again for Angel. Her kids are getting easier to
handle. Cody was a little fire cracker and got grounded for
the day. I made an agreement with him that he could get up
early if he behaved when I watched him. Soon after that his
g-pa took him to a baseball game! No only was I stuck with
her 3 but she had Tiff and Tara (nieces) over along with
some clients children. I had a houseful! There were two
little black boys Nick and Marcus. They were so cute! Nick
hit his heat and come running over to me asking me to kiss
it. I really would like to watch those boys, little angels!
My little brother is going to cut there grass and the kids
want to come to my house. I don’t know about that. Angel
would like me to become a permanent babysitter, I don’t
know if I will take her up on that offer.

I had a list if messages for me when I got home. Amber
called today. I am really happy because I have not talked
with her in about 2 weeks. Amber is like my mother figure.
I love her to death she helped me when I needed it the
most. I really hope I get to see her kids tomorrow. MJ will
be so happy. So did Korrie… I am not going to return that

I got to talk with Tony although it was only for a little
while. I really miss him and I saw him just yesterday. Is
that possible? He told me I should become a model! I am so
happy. That makes me feel so good. Even though I don’t know
how to take a compliment. My conversation with him put my
in a bad mood though. He told me that I was a good kisser
then asked how he was. Not wanting to hurt his feelings I
told him it was confidential. Well I think it pissed him
off a little bit. After a while I told him that he kisses
well but he just needs to relax his mouth and tongue more.
Then we started to talk about my mom. I wanted to cry. I
feel like shit when I have to talk about how my childhood
sucked because she was in and out of prison. I hate that
people think of me as a fuck up because of her mistakes.
All he could say was sorry. I don’t mind telling him about
it… I would tell everyone if I could! It just makes me sad.
Then Boy Toy was talking with Korrie on the internet and
that ruined EVERYTHING! She was being a total bitch to him
and saying shit about me (I guess). I really truly like
Tony and I don’t want to lose him to Korrie. What can I do
though? She called him after my phone died. I think I
really need to sit down and have a talk with her. I hope my
dad works tomorrow so that Tony can come over.

Time for bed. I can’t wait to see what fun tomorrow brings!