Paradise HAHAHA
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2002-07-09 05:40:01 (UTC)


Well this is the first time entry for me.
I just wanted to talk about my boyfriend Phil. I'm totally
but crazy in love with him. He loves me I can tell but he
never tells me how much. We are planning on moving out in
November. I'm really excited bout it. Phil says he is
too. Our 2 year is coming up. Not to sure what we are
going to do for it. Maybe just dinner.
Well I was talking to Sarah the other night. Her and Brian are
getting married but I dont know when. I think she is moving too
fast. She slept with him on new years. It was only suppoed to be a
one night stand. So much for that. Shes becoming really flaky too.
God she needs to think about her priorties. I dont know bout her
anymore. Me and Di are on the same boat.

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