The personal Diary of Jennifer Long
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2001-06-28 17:24:41 (UTC)

Hey this is My first entry....

Hello My name is Jennifer Long... Tuesday,June 28,2001

I like in Batesville, Arkansas, I go to Southside Middle
School, and I am about to go into the eight grade. I play a
lot of sports at school like Softball, Basketball, I throw
shot, disk, and run track at area track meets. I hang out
with my friends a lot. My best friend is Jessica
Vanderpool. Come to think of it I have a lot of friends
named Jessica but who is counting??? I am an all-star
softball player I have been playing softball since 5 th
grade, and last month I was asked if I could play in a all-
star team from an area town called Cushman, on July 19 of
this year. Well, I must go

Jennifer Long
#14 :)

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