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2001-01-07 01:08:15 (UTC)

Greetings all~ I went to my..

Greetings all~
I went to my orientation to Disneyland today. It was very
boring. I've been through it before and it was kinda fun
the first time but this time totally sucked. I met 2
people I'll be working with cuz they were sitting next to
me so I've already made friends. I look forward to going
next Sunday for trainning. I will be doing Fantasyland
attractions so if you visit Disneyland ever, I could be the
one that tells you which row to sit on the Matterhorn.

I totally miss my man, he and I have not seen each other
since last night at midnight and I'm totally missing him. I
won't get to see him til Monday and that totally sucks. I
just want to give him a big hug and big kiss cuz I miss


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