lost in the dark
2002-07-09 05:06:08 (UTC)


Hey Entry. Well, it has been a full week since that I have
been laid off from work. What a nice little Vacation. But,
I guess that I am going to have to kick my ass just alittle
bit more and start actually look for a Job, or go down to
the Unemployment office to see about taking some course.
This really sucks. I was suppose to go see my Twin while
his wife is expecting there third kid. I am suppose to be
there to take the Video of the kid coming out of the whole.
Well, I guess that is not going to happen now :(.
I have been keeping myself some what busy anyway working
on the server at home. Still have not finished what I
wanted to get done on it. *shrug* maybe Wensday I should be
able to figure out the rest of it.

Night for now.

Lost in the Dark...