Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
2002-07-09 03:48:13 (UTC)

The Glorious Pledge Of Allegience

One nation, under god...
the dollar bill
the pledge
sounds like a prayer, yet
everyone is free to have his own god, even in the pledge.
it does not say one nation under CHRIST or one nation
under the CHRISTIAN god, or jewish god yet one nation
under the creator. perhaps the aetheists are mad? however
how can people NOT realize that seperation of church and
state is impossible, unless we wish to turn into an
utterly unfeeling communistic society? religion makes up
our country!
it is tied together in everything we do!
our religion, morals and values, went into that
constitution, yet we denounce what was the basis of our
country as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and for what?
nitpicky, ever so nitpicky...
without this God, for everone, things would go even
further downhill then they have already!
if people had been united, under god, in their religions,
all these crisis' such as ENRON wouldn't have happened!
lies, corruptness, would be lessend a lot yet

we denounce the very thing we need

as if it is a medication burning and scarring out throat,
unwanted but
it does not burn and scar
medication HEALS
puts back together

we do not see...

united we stand
divided we fall

we are dividing our nation, no pledge, no unity, no love
no peace no hope no GOD

i have my god, you have yours

let me pray

~Orwells 1984~

yes, and thought police

what shall become of us when we are not allowed to profess
our faith at gatherings?

what shall become of us when we are not allowed to stand
united and pledge our alliegence to eachother?

must we all be the same, uniform?

must differences be monitered, must they be considered an

we are being watched...

if we let things such as the pledge slide by
if we let things such as praying before games
if we change names of schools commemorating people who
have done great things, however also being saints,

where are we going then?

what are we doing to ourselves
we are setting ourselves up

if we let things such as those occur, sooner greater
issues will arise, and yes
they will slide by, just as abortion has
just as hitler had
he took one country
then the next then the next
until it was almost too late to stop him but, good arose
over evil
in that case
goodness prevailed
but our country is
trying to eliminate goodness and badness

"unconstitutional my ass"

yes you look at a small picture my friends
look at the bigger one
open up your eyes

we cannot let these things slide

i do not dare think what would happen if we did
i do not wish for our nation to deteriorate with
corruption and
political correctness

i will not stand for it, shall you?