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2002-07-09 03:29:49 (UTC)

guess whos in guess whos in......lalalalala

Well I called Sam over at Michele's house and talked to
him....Then when I got home I called him again and we
talked some more and it wasn't like me just talking to him
he was talking to! Then he told me that he was going off to
Tenn. And guess who with Dewayne my cousin and that is to
neat!!I really hope that this time it goes right! But if
we did start to go out or something I would feel bad...
Because I was kinda with a guy at the lake but he was 17!!
But he was so cute and nice! But I really do care about Sam
but I give that guy my number so what if he did call?? But
like I said I really do care about Sam!! Well I will go

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