A day in the life....
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2002-07-09 02:45:57 (UTC)

fun on the 4th

I am really getting behind as far as keeping this thing up
to date, but hey. I went up to Purdue last wed/thurs and
had a WONDERFUL time. Got to see Brian so that was well
worth it. Spent some time with Kristin and went out to eat
as well as Putt-Putt with Sam and Mandy. I was just so glad
and thankfully to see Brian again. I'll see him again this
weekend for my 20th birthday! Going up to the Indiana
Dunes! woohoo! should be a lot of fun. Can't wait. AND only
1 more week of class after this one. Yay!!! only thing i
may get frustrated with, as usual, is WORK...i really don't
like CVS anymore, but what would i ever do? *shrug* don't
know. I'm really looking forward to vacation in 2
weeks...that's all for now i suppose. I'll keep ya posted
on where we actually end up and what goes down this
weekend. God bless y'all!!